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Select Textiles is a proudly Australian–owned company, providing solutions to the global print, exhibition, sign, and display industry. A passion for innovation is supported by more than 40 years collective experience in the design, development, and sourcing of textiles. 

We believe Quality, Consistency, and Performance to be the key pillars to any fabric selection, and that methodology combined with a motivation to provide exceptional customer service, should provide the foundation for success.

Select Textiles is not just a statement but a greener alternative. An awareness of our impact on the environment is the cornerstone to sustainability and as such is a mindset, we drive right through our supply chain. All our products are REACH compliant and all aspects of our supply chain have sustainability programs in place.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as an integral link in the textile sector, by working with both our extensive supply network and loyal customers to provide solutions to the ever-changing demands of the print industry.

Want to know more?

Contact us today to obtain a quote, samples pack, or to discuss your upcoming project and our potential solutions.

With a view to the Future!

Sustainability: it is not just a buzz word, but a conscious movement and something that we all need to be proactive about. At Select Textiles we have made the decision to encourage change.

All of our core items are available in a recycled polyester version as well as virgin fibre.

This enables the seamless transition from virgin to recycled yarn, whilst providing the peace of mind that the quality, consistency and performance characteristics are in line with current programs and expectations.

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